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Year One as Part of the CPXi Family

Nick_SoursYear One as Part of the CPXi Family

By: Nick Sours, Account Executive



It has been just about a year since AdReady was formally acquired by CPXi. A lot has changed, but many of the important characteristics of the office remain intact. Since I started at AdReady as an intern, the office has always felt closely knit, focused, and to people who visit from New York, a little quiet. That has begun to change (in a really good way) as AdReady continues to move its tune closer to that of CPXi.

I think that speaks volumes to the company culture at the HQ in New York. I have been lucky enough to visit the office in New York a few times over the last year, and  every time I make a trip, I feel like I bring more of that culture back with me, and I know some of my fellow Adready-ians feel the exact same way. The New York office has a certain go-getter, we can do anything attitude and it probably has a lot to do with the entrepreneurial atmosphere that everybody works in.

That attitude has been infectious to the Seattle office. You are starting to see that same CPXi vibe ingrained with the same level of focus that previously existed at AdReady. It’s so easy to feel and see the opportunity that CPXi has positioned the entire company for. There is a genuine excitement here in Seattle, especially as this “one year anniversary” not only marks becoming a part of CPXi, but also as a day we moved into our new, downtown location in Seattle. The new office is a big upgrade, and some recent visits from old AdReady-ians, and CPXians has been met with oohs and ahhs from the new space. This feels like the next step in the acquisition, and is very representational of where the AdReady brand is headed under the guidance of CPXi.

With the big news of rebranding back to AdReady, I think there is certain pride within the office to continue to push that “AdReady” brand to both our current clients and all the new ones we continue to win. With that being said, the AdReady brand is evolving the same way the Seattle office is. The AdReady way is still present, but it’s getting better.

There has been a lot of great news within the company, from rebranding the divisions, moving offices in both Seattle and NOLA, to big wins coming from just about every branch within the company. As year one has come and gone for Seattle, AdReady, and its much larger CPXi family, I think the general consensus is that there are exciting things on the horizon.