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Why 2016 is NOT the Year of Cross-Device Advertising


Only one month in and 2016 already feels like the Year of Everything: social, display, ad-blocking, etc. For Mike Juhas, Senior Director of Sales for AdReady, this is no surprise. “Contrary to popular myth, in our industry the ‘new hot thing’ doesn’t just blow into town, get huge and then disappear. The best ‘next new things’ start as disruptors, gradually build themselves into the industry’s DNA and then spawn their own ecosystems.”  Juhas notes,”Five years ago it was the ‘Year of Mobile’ and it’s been the year of mobile ever since then.” Let the evidence speak for itself…

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Still, the industry is fond of liberally labeling years as being the ‘it’ moment for any number of adtech tactics. And 2016 is no different. AdWeek already published an article that sticks a flag in the ground declaring this year will be the ‘Year of Cross-Device Advertising.’ But while Juhas agrees that aggressive cross-device strategies will be key for advertisers this year, he isn’t ready to label it ‘Year of …”

Most advertisers have had robust programmatic budgets for the past two years, and cross-device advertising, a natural outgrowth of this trend, isn’t a novel concept. In fact, the rise in technology over the past few years has caused advertisers to either engage in cross-device advertising or risk losing a valuable segment of their audience.  It’s a no-brainer that cross-device advertising is important this year, but to call 2016 the ‘Year of…” is to assume cross-device advertising was maturing in previous years and has now, suddenly, hit its peak. Juhas doesn’t think this is the case. He points out that, as technology continues to progress and advertisers continue to learn more about their customers, cross-device advertising will also continue to mature.

“The bottom line,” explains Juhas, “is that cross-device strategy should be an integral part of any scalable campaign and not be considered this year’s hot new thing at all. Advertisers have to remember that customers are in different buying decisions on different devices and, as an advertiser, you don’t want to risk losing a sale because your ads weren’t visible at the right time.”

So as you start developing a cross-device plan, consider partnering with a platform that offers displayvideosocialmobilesearch and native advertising options. This will assure you hit your audience on every device. Don’t just assume that any DSP will do the job.  Don’t think of your cross-device strategy as a ‘hot new’ line item to be tested in 2016. Make sure you are baking the strategy into the bigger picture, and think of your self having entered the “Age of Cross-Device.”


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