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What’s Your Favorite Feature Of The AdReady Platform?

Our team shares their favorite features of our programmatic creative platform:


Chris LandrethChris Landreth, Director of Strategic Accounts

“My favorite feature is the automated macro insertion tool for third party ad tags.  This is a great timesaver for account managers allowing them to seamlessly and efficiently upload their client’s ad tags without having to remember the individual macros for each of our programmatic media sources.”



LaraColton_photoLara Colton, VP of Platform Operations

” My favorite feature on our platform is a feature we call Pubready! It is a back-end tool that the operations team uses to create media sources for account management and optimization teams to use in the AdReady platform. It allows us to map third party segments, assign targeting features (everything from geos, to pricing and bidding types, frequency capping, etc), and control what types of campaigns (site content, keyword, retargeting, etc) the media source is used for.”



Lexi_PicLexi Poehlman, Account Executive

“My favorite AdReady feature is the Reports tab. Our reporting tab offers over 20 different reports that allow us to view and organize data in many different ways. I most commonly use the Campaign report which shows data for all campaigns in a specified date range. By pulling a campaign report, I can quickly tell how each of my campaigns are performing and make optimizations.  In addition to the wide scope of data that we are able to pull, I also love that our reports are actionable. We are able to pause campaigns and creatives within the report itself which really sets us apart from other reporting interfaces.”


Kelly BuenoKelly Bueno, Account Manager

“My favorite feature is the rapid campaign creation. You can input campaign targeting parameters, click a button, and then the system will generate a full media plan in seconds. Just add creative and landing page URLs and you’re ready to launch!”




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