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What’s the Real Deal with Real-Time Bidding?

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What’s the Real Deal with Real-Time Bidding?

We ran across a great article from ClickZ about Real-Time Bidding which is a hot topic in the display advertising world these days

As Matt Greitzer astutely pointed out, RTB inventory represents a small fraction of the overall media inventory traded daily across ad exchanges. There aren’t many platforms that exist today that make de averaged pricing and micro segmentation simple and cost effective, while delivering scale.

AdReady is the exception.

Trying to do micro targeted campaigns with de averaged pricing with standard ad serving systems is labor intensive (both for the buyer [agency or direct] and the seller [publisher, network or exchange]).

AdReady makes both of these proven techniques (which are standard in search marketing) very easy to do with display. We have been doing this for years and our system is proven. Creative automation is key to this equation, because you MUST tailor the creative message to the micro targeted audience. Our system was the first to make this efficient and be leveraged by some of the biggest publishers and marketers for successful results.

Even better, because we have broad, api integrated access to scalable media sources (exchanges, networks and publishers) with many different types of targeting types, you can create micro targeted campaigns with de averaged pricing at scale by utilizing multiple ways to reach that audience (no matter how small or “micro” the segment is.

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