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What Display Ad Strategies Work the Best?

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That’s a question I get all the time…and I love answering it using AdReady’s pyramid graphic. While there is no single strategy I recommend across the board (each client has different goals), we do have solid data proving which strategies perform the best when it comes to trademark search and reach.

Our findings (based on 20,000+ campaigns) were recently replicated in a new comScore study with ValueClick Media. The study of 103 campaigns from 39 unique advertisers covering seven industries over four weeks of exposure. The firm looked at the lift in brand Website visitation and trademark search queries across six different media placement strategies.

Here’s what they found:

Retargeted ads, ads served to users that have previously visited an advertiser’s site, showed the highest overall lift in trademark search behavior — an incredible 1,046%. Next best was audience targeting, with 514%. This goes to show that delivering tailored ad messages to the unique audiences you target — we call this Precision Campaigning — can pay off in a BIG way (download our Precision Campaign white paper here). At a 300% lift, Premium (high visibility placements on premium publishers) was the third best, followed by Contextual, Run of Network (RON) and Efficiency.

In regard to reach index, RON reigns supreme. After all, you are placing ads anywhere within a given network with that strategy. On the lowest end was Premium since you essentially sacrifice reach for the most valuable of sites – a great strategy for some.

So what will work best for you? The answer may surprise you. Give us a call (1-800-400-2160) and we can help build a plan just for you.

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