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Teaching the Future of Digital to Educators

Teaching the Future of Digital to Educators

By: Angela Bostick, Associate Dean of Marketing & Communications, Emory Goizueta Business School

I recently had the privilege of presenting at the American Marketing Association’s Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in Austin about the ongoing digital marketing success we have seen with the team at CPXi through their AdReady programmatic creative platform.

Though I have shared details of this campaign at several advertising and technology events alongside President of CPXi, Jeff Hirsch, it was a unique opportunity to address this particular audience, since it included members of marketing teams from an array of colleges and universities. In my years working in higher Ed, I have learned that despite being vastly different schools, we share a lot of commonalities. In many cases these departments, like mine, are working with limited staff and resources, yet are still responsible for marketing myriad programs, often dozens at a time. The science of executing an effective and cost-efficient digital campaign must be married with the art of finding ways to make those messages compelling and relevant.

While most schools are committed to incorporating cutting edge technologies into their classrooms, few higher Ed marketers are afforded the means to integrate things like programmatic technology into their marketing strategies. So I found it particularly exciting to help an audience of my peers learn how these cutting edge tools can make our jobs easier.

A programmatic creative platform allows for rapid testing on the performance of multiple variations of creative messaging across the full range of campaigns. In our case at Emory, we’ve been able to cut creative production costs and decrease creative development time, while also providing insights into where we’re getting the most valuable eyeballs and interest for our programs. Programmatic creative extends our reach exponentially, enabling us to get more out of our online dollar than we have with past platforms.

The end of the year is an important time to be thinking about how to attract and engage your target. For those of us in higher Ed, it’s when we consider ways to reach new bright, qualified applicants for the following year. Having access to sophisticated technology lets us deliver brand-quality creative campaigns at scale, without having to invest financial and personnel resources we simply don’t have.

What I found rewarding about presenting at this Conference was the ability to connect with forward leaning colleagues of mine that I knew would be receptive to these kinds of strategies. While I am excited about the success we have seen using the AdReady platform, I am equally thrilled to be able to share insights with my peers and colleagues as we look to educate the next generation of leaders.

Personally, I’m looking forward to growing my role as an evangelist for the integration of these kinds of technologies and services into the higher Ed space and excited to see where my peers and I can take this field together as we utilize such great tools.