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My Data is Bigger than Yours

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–written by Matt Carr, SVP of AdReady’s Product and Business Development

It’s not how much you have, it’s what you do with it

By now, we’ve probably all finished reading a variety of ‘2012 Predictions’ for online advertising. You may noticed that a lot of predictions looked vaguely familiar to predictions in the past. Some came true, some flopped, but one trend that is definitely here to stay is the importance of ‘Big Data.’

Everyone from the Wall Street Journal to CNN is talking about the roles of big data and how future jobs and companies will be shaped by it.

Now, how is any of this relevant to those of us working with smaller advertising budgets? I’d say it is pretty darn relevant.

Key is: big boatloads of data is not enough. Smaller advertisers need an approach that fits the unique needs of smaller advertising budgets. If you spend a few thousand dollars a month on display advertising, I’m sure it’s hard to get your calls answered from many of those ‘big data’ advertising companies.

And this is even more exacerbated if you are trying to run campaigns on large networks and exchanges – where the economics of buying large-scale, price-competitive media is very appealing. If you don’t have a solid strategy and a way to bid smartly, you can end up in a tough position.

Here at AdReady, we’re taking ‘big data’ and making it work well for advertisers with smaller budgets. In addition to doing all the basics around ensuring we are getting access to all the sources of data that work, we are building and tuning our recommendations and optimizations to help smaller budgets succeed.

That includes things like:

  • So that you don’t have to figure out your bids, budget allocations and targeting, we’re taking the guesswork out of optimization
  • Augmenting smaller campaigns to make them act bigger, benefiting from learnings of other historical AdReady campaigns to make you perform better immediately
  • So you can make your media work for you out of the gate, we’re eliminating long test periods

One thing you can check out is a recent presentation that we did in comparing online advertising to the principles from Moneyball – the recent movie and best-selling book. Check it out! I think there are some interesting parallels and it speaks to the value of small budgets taking a different approach than large budgets. Think Oakland A’s vs. New York Yankees!