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Re-targeting is here. How will you use it?

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Re-targeting is here. How will you use it?

Have you heard about re-targeting yet? There’s been a lot of buzz around this technique in advertising circles—both because it’s extremely effective and because the technology has a certain “wow” factor.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say Beth wants to take a vacation to Hawaii. She goes to the ABC Airlines website to look for deals, and browses through the fares there. She likes what she sees, but thinks she might be able to get an even better deal by shopping around.

So she goes to Yahoo! Travel and starts looking there… and lo and behold, an ABC Airlines banner ad pops up on the Yahoo! site—and it’s advertising a special 20% discount on tickets to *Hawaii*! Magic? No, it’s just re-targeting.

Because ABC Airlines was using re-targeting, they had tagged Beth with a cookie that anonymously logged her visit to their site. So when she left to visit another site—Yahoo! Travel or any other site in their advertising network—she would receive ads tailored specifically to what she had done on ABC’s site.

ABC Airlines likes it, because they get to continue a conversation with a potential customer who left their site—and Beth likes it, because she’s getting ads that are relevant to her. (And hey, 20% off!)

So can your company use re-targeting? In the past, re-targeting has taken some behind-the-scenes development work to implement, using third-party re-targeting companies that come with a hefty price tag.

But now the process is largely automated, and the AdReady platform makes it easy and inexpensive to use re-targeting with your campaigns. We let you re-target in a variety of ways: For example, you can serve users the same ad over and over, or you can enhance the offer each time you touch the user, giving better and better incentives.

Whatever your approach, the goal is always to connect with qualified, highly targeted prospects multiple times, so you can convert more missed sales.

Re-targeting is one of the most effective targeting tools available. It can dramatically increase your results, and many of our advertisers have doubled their return on ad spend with re-targeting.

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Posted by Aaron Finn on Oct 22, 2009   |   Tweet This |   Email This