Best-in-Class Targeting Capabilities

AdReady provides accessible targeting features for brands of all sizes to help you exceed your performance goals. We offer more retargeting solutions than “retargeting only platforms” in addition to cookie and non-cookie based targeting solutions to help you increase conversions and build retargeting pools.

Advanced targeting strategies:

Behavioral Targeting

Combine first-party data with network analytics and enormous scale to define custom audience channels that are optimized to sites with high brand engagement.

Geo/Location/Hyper-Local Targeting

Target your audience residential cluster, proximity to retail locations, campaign level DMAs and more.

Contextual/Keyword Targeting

Place a relevant ad in front of a user who is reading content that contains specific terms.

Demographic Targeting

Reach the right audience based on demographic characteristics such as age, gender, and income.

IP ZONE Targeting

IP Zone Targeting leverages the relationship between users and the location of their IP addresses in real time. Since it is cookie-free, IP Zone Targeting is a scalable and safe way for advertisers to reach unique audiences online.

Mobile Device Targeting

Target users by mobile device type (smartphone, tablet), carrier, and OS.

Retargeting Strategies:

Site Visitor Retargeting

Retarget users who visited your site without converting by showing them expertly crafted ads in order to re-engage them with your brand.

Look-a-like Retargeting

Measure data and audience profiles on conversion pages and use the data to target new customers with similar characteristics

CRM Retargeting

Use your own CRM assets and segmentation framework to create online audiences for display audiences using cookies.

Social Retargeting

Target the spheres of influence of users known to have engaged with your brand by combining cookie and non-cookie based strategies.

Search Retargeting

When a user searches for specific keywords in a search engine, they become part of a keyword cookie pool and are eligible to receive a retargeting ad on their favorite content sites.