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A Partnership Supporting Collective Insights™

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At AdReady, we work hard to maximize our customers’ digital advertising ROI. With our technology, you can buy on a variety of networks, publishers and exchanges and you can easily build media plans, target, and optimize your campaigns. This has been the core AdReady DNA for some time now; however, last year we put a name to the core platform and intelligence that powers the smart bid, budget allocation and publisher ranking recommendations that AdReady provides our customers – we call that Collective Insights™.

And the magic behind the curtain is our Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) capabilities. RTB enables advertisers to bid more effectively on precise inventory and audience targets. It’s very efficient and brings the best of software and scaled data to the digital media world. But, we only get 100 milliseconds to respond to a bid request, and we need to do this tens of thousands of times every second – and even more in the future!

Even at those breakneck speeds, we want to make sure the full value of the Collective Insights science is informing each and every decision – not just for how much to bid, but also on which impressions to bid on, which to take a pass on, and which advertising creative to show on any given page. As it is only when we apply these sorts of smarts that we can provide “Big Results for Small Budgets”

This science, and the big data supporting it, has required some great work across all of our teams here at AdReady, as well as working with some great partners. One of which, the Open Data Group (, is one of the world’s experts in toolsets for statistical modeling. While the Open Data Group  may not be as well known to folks in the digital advertising industry,they have been a key partner in helping  us take the next step in scaling our RTB capability.

While researching and evaluating myriad options, we found that the open source Augustus toolset was the best fit and then spent a significant amount of time with the Open Data Group working on features and tweaks to get the Augustus toolset and PMML Specification to fit our high demand, high throughput, low latency requirements.

Open Data Group has been a great partner, and has been very excited to see the work we are doing – in fact, ODG’s CEO will be speaking about this unique application/engagement of scaling Big Data in Real Time and our partnership at an upcoming conference–  –where the real “rocket scientists” hang out.


Looking forward to seeing some of you there,