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New Funding, Better Technology and ROI-centric Solutions Fuel Display Market Growth

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New Funding, Better Technology and ROI-centric Solutions Fuel Display Market Growth

Several new market developments have confirmed display is back and better than ever.

The first sign of growth comes from the funding side. Tens of millions of VC dollars have recently been invested in display advertising companies. Some noteworthy announcements, recently covered by AdWeek (, include inventory aggregator AdMeld raking in another $15 million and DSP TriggIt getting a round of $4.2 million. Of course, we can’t leave out Google’s estimated $70 million purchase of DSP Invite Media just last month.


So, what’s going on? These back-to-back funding announcements are no coincidence. The market is shifting toward ROI-driven display and leading this shift is the invention of display technology that can provide this value, including the red hot Real Time Bidding space.

RTB allows advertisers to purchase an audience as opposed to inventory, a model that has been known to generate 2-3 times as much revenue for customers. Nick Saint over at the SFGate recently named ( as the biggest online advertising story of 2010. AdMeld’s CEO even went as far as to predict RTB will eventually replace the current ad network model.

RTB is indeed a display market game-changer. At AdReady, we think the evolution of the DSP box to include creative automation will have just as powerful of n impact as RTB.

This new type of DSP allows advertisers to simply, affordably and effectively synchronize the three key factors of display: audience, timing–and for the first time–message. With early DSP offerings, advertisers tapped into powerful audience and timing capabilities (media), but weren’t able to easily master their message since creative was an extra step that required additional budget.

With creative automation now built into DSPs (like AdReady’s), advertisers can streamline the process of generating, testing and fine-tuning an ad. The result? A wide number of display advertisers can leverage a single service to target specific messages to specific people at specific times. AdReady calls this powerful ability “precision campaigns” and our customers call it “ROI success.” Read Linc Wonham’s article ( at Website Magazine to learn why he agrees AdReady’s precision campaign capability is making display advertising more accessible.

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