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More Proof: 2010 is the Year of Display

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More Proof: 2010 is the Year of Display

As we’ve been saying for sometime (most recently in the MediaPost column yesterday), we at AdReady firmly believe display is the ad medium of the future. This week, a study came out from the Internet Advertising Bureau and comScore, saying display advertising hit record revenues in the first quarter of 2010.

A recent Econsultancy article on the study, “2010 could be the year of the display ad,” validates precisely what we’ve been shouting from our soapbox – display is growing and will overtake other online advertising channels (namely search) in the future.

The article points out:

“The display market bounceback has been steep this quarter, where 1.1 trillion display ads were served, according to comScore. That’s a 15% increase from a year ago. It’s also a new record.”

So, as the economy begins to slowly recover from recession, display is already showing record growth. What does that say about display’s future? From our perspective, it says great growth and change in the online advertising landscape are coming.

As the writer so correctly notices, “it looks like advertisers are putting money into display ads as soon as they have more money to play with.” Can’t wait to see what the rest of 2010 holds!

Posted by Jonah-Kai Hancock on May 17, 2010 | Tweet This | Email This