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Meet the AdReady Team – Part 2

A few weeks ago we introduced part of our team, now meet the rest!

Jessica Dolence, Lead Designer

I moved to Seattle shortly after graduating from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State where I received a BFA in Intermedia.  My mini Dachshund and I love living in the PNW and on weekends we spend lots of time at the chilly beach or home studio.  I’m also an active member of Soil Gallery, a Seattle art collective.  I’m very excited to join the CPXi family and can’t wait to see what happens next!




Gabe Bosworth, Media Operations, Team Lead

I’ve been with AdReady for three years and have lived in Seattle for 25 years, broken up by brief stays in Maine, Ireland, and Walla Walla, where I graduated from Whitman College. When not operating on some media with the AdReady team, I’m most likely reading a good mystery, watching a bad scary movie, or out enjoying Seattle’s great seafood and numerous craft and micro breweries.




Lexi Poehlman, Optimization Specialist

I’ve lived in Seattle my entire life and absolutely love it! I’ve been working in marketing for four years and have been an AM at AdReady for over a year. Outside of work, I enjoy playing with my Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy and discovering different happy hour spots around the city. I am very excited for AdReady to join the CPX team and can’t wait to see what the future holds!




Nick SoursAccount Executive, Strategic Accounts

Started at AdReady as intern while finishing up my degree in Finance at Seattle University. I was born and raised in the Bay Area and am a huge San Francisco Giants fan. In my spare time I enjoy playing basketball, and staying active! Excited for AdReady to become part of the CPXi team!





John Stewart, Manager, Director, Account Management

Originally from Portland, Oregon, I strive to embody the Northwest stereotype whenever possible: I enjoy backpacking, the outdoors, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. After spending 3 years as an elementary school teacher in Tennessee, I’ve spent the last 2 years living in Seattle and working in digital media.




Erin Hoffmann, Senior Account Manager, Strategic Accounts

I’m a native Seattleite who received a dual Bachelor’s degree in Painting/Drawing and Art History from the University of Washington. I’ve worked at Adready for the last 4 years on the Account Management team and have worked on the Alaska Airlines account for the last 3 years. In my free time I love checking out the local music scene, playing board games with friends, and catching up on all the awesome BBC shows available on Netflix.




Denzil Kriekenbeek, Software Engineer

Before landing at AdReady, I’d lived in 10ish cities and worked for Star Wars, Winamp and Google. In between gigs, I’ve been paid to coach relationships, be an island social director, and talk about Batman. In my scarce free time, I put on film festivals, win spelling bees and enjoy both of Seattle’s daily happy hours.



David Husa, Software Engineer

As a journalism major turned public relations professional turned marketer turned programmer, I’ve been on an incredible, transformative journey across the job market since graduating from Western Washington University amidst The Dark Times™ (known to some as “the recession”). Upon joining the AdReady family six months ago, I think I’ve finally found a place I’d like to stay, especially given our new trajectory towards superstardom as a part of CPXi. That all said, this isn’t even my final form.




Kelly Bueno, Optimization Specialist

I graduated with a Marketing degree from Seattle University and came to AdReady right out of college. I’m absolutely excited to now be a part of the CPXi family! A few random tidbits about myself: My favorite food is pho (or anything spicy), I’m the shortest person in the Seattle office, and I just went to my first concert ever this week!



Megan Prest-Hightower, Human Resources

I am excited to join the CPXi family. I have been with AdReady for nearly six years and am currently our HR and AP Manager. I grew up in Silicon Valley, but have lived in Seattle for almost a decade now. I miss the ocean being minutes away, but love the richness of the air and landscape here. When not at work, you might find me chasing the sunset on foot, trying to shred the dirt with my husband Kevin on our mountain bikes, writing, trying out a new recipe, watching a local band, practicing yoga, curled up with Netflix or a good book and dreaming of the surf several hours away.


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