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Maximizing Your ROI in Display Advertising

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Maximizing Your ROI in Display Advertising

Compared to search marketing, online display advertising is often perceived as costly and difficult to do well. It used to be that acquiring and utilizing the expertise to create an effective set of display ads could cost thousands of dollars. Add the time, money, and resources needed to create multiple versions for testing, and it’s easy to understand why many mid-size companies are discouraged when trying to optimize display advertising on their own.

With self-service media purchasing systems now available, the display advertising process has never been easier or more cost-effective! Businesses that have relied solely on search can now balance their online advertising budgets to capitalize on the reach and engagement of targeted, optimized display campaigns.

Here are a few tips to make sure you are getting the most from your investment in display advertising:

  • Don’t be afraid to test creative! Constant iteration on your creative is one of the secrets to improving your display marketing ROI. Self-service media platforms enable you to set-up campaigns and make campaign optimization decisions on your own time. You are no longer confined to business hours when you have to reach your sales rep.
  • Build a performance-focused creative library and keep track of the results. You can leverage the assets provided by a self-service publisher or bring your own creative (or creative ideas) to the table. Some self-service solutions provide a library of customizable creative assets, where you just have to bring your logo.
  • As you build out display as an acquisition channel, a catalog of creative, sorted by performance metrics, will help you understand what works for your business. By tracking performance of your creative by publisher and by campaign, you will start to understand which creative (or creative attributes) work best in which marketing situation.
  • Comb the web for new creative ideas to test. What are your competitors doing? What ads catch your eye? Make sure you become a student of the medium and that you are constantly trying new creative treatments for your business.

Keep in mind that extensive libraries exist, such as Nielsen NetRatings, which contain historical performance data that sheds light on proven performance combinations.

You know your business better than anyone. Bringing your expertise to the do-it-yourself display marketing platform allows you to create unique, targeted display campaigns.