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If Google = NYSE, then AdReady = eTrade

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If Google = NYSE, then AdReady = eTrade

What does it mean when search giant Google announces plans to offer a display advertising exchange?

It means that display advertising is big and getting bigger, with long-term revenue opportunities. Google’s news is no surprise to us—we’ve always seen the potential in display—but it might be a surprise to advertisers who thought display ads were a fading trend.

The big question from our view: How should advertisers take advantage of this opportunity?

Google says you can think of the Ad Exchange like a stock exchange that “only the largest brokerage houses actually plug into, say, the NYSE.” So where does that leave the average advertiser? Clearly, most advertisers will still benefit from technologies like the AdReady platform to help with their digital marketing.

How is AdReady different? AdReady focuses on each advertiser’s needs, not on any particular network or publisher:

First, we have no financial interest in recommending one buy over another—something we think might be difficult for Google, when they own the inventory in their own exchange. Each recommendation by AdReady is unique and earned.

Second, we think that the sky’s the limit on reach and opportunity. AdReady helps advertisers design, launch, and measure banner ad campaigns across Google, Yahoo!, and other publishers and networks that reach more than 90 percent of all Web users. We provide unfettered access to all sources of media from one platform.

If Google is the “NYSE” (and, say, Yahoo! is the “NASDAQ” and AOL is the “Amex”), then think of AdReady as “eTrade”—a nimble, powerful technology platform that always puts you first and helps you get the most out of your investments.

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