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How Online Advertising Can Make Political Ads More Effective

AdReady’s Randy Wootton explains what the web can offer in an election year that TV can’t.

ADOTAS – Not too many years ago, the internet was considered the domain of non-voting youth and distracted tech geeks. Now with the rapid rise of broadband, Facebook and smartphones, it is very much in the mainstream. Television still has a powerful impact on its audience, but for maximum effectiveness, smart media consultants will combine TV with online advertising and its mix of powerful techniques, including micro-targeting and retargeting.

Some 57 percent of the almost $10 billion spent on political advertising this year will be spent on TV advertising. Many media analysts believe the investment in TV is excessive, given that 41 percent of all media is now consumed online, and a good percentage of those that do watch television are often tuned to commercial-free stations such as PBS and HBO. Nevertheless TV remains front and center of the political media landscape.

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