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How Emory University Achieved Marketing Success with Programmatic Creative

angelabostickHow Emory University Achieved Marketing Success with Programmatic CreativeHow Emory University Achieved Marketing Success with Programmatic Creative

By: Angela Bostick, Associate Dean of Marketing and Communication, Emory University



While marketing in any industry is never any easy job, running marketing for an academic institution presents a unique set of challenges. Like the more commercial or business focused marketing organizations, we are also held to certain benchmarks and goals that impact our organization’s bottom line. Spreading the word about the university’s accomplishments, features, student life and new programs is vital to the institution’s success from enrollment to research grants and other funding.

Earlier this year, our department was tasked with promoting the five unique programs in our Goizueta Business School in an effort to build awareness and drive enrollment. Each program is geared toward a different set of prospective students, yet we needed the marketing for each to function as part of a larger, cohesive campaign for the business school.

Our challenge lay in creating unique advertising content for each program that was targeted to the various audience segments for each, yet had the reach of a large scale national campaign. Our budgets are a bit smaller than many business organizations and working with a talented and hardworking but small team means that we have fewer resources to devote to our major initiatives. We all wear a lot of hats but everything we do takes time. When it comes to using data for audience targeting, time isn’t on our side.

That’s why our partnership with CPXi and their managed media division, Simplixity, was a godsend. By using Simplixity’s AdReady programmatic creative solution, we were able to create a variety of assets with tailored messaging and graphic elements and deliver them to each target audience in real time. The AdReady Platform enabled us to automate the entire creative process from idea to execution, accomplishing the task in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

And we’re not talking dull, text-based ads that all look the same with copy switched out. The point of display creative is to attract attention and inspire the viewer to want to know more, and the creative can make or break a campaign. Using The AdReady Platform, not only did we cut costs and time to market, but the unique, eye catching ad units we were able to create outperformed our existing ads.

I’ve been pleased and privileged to share our success story alongside CPXi’s President Jeff Hirsch at a handful of industry events over the last few months. I hope that our story assures other small but mighty marketing teams that you don’t have to have million dollar budgets and expensive technologies to get the beautiful, compelling ad creative that achieves results. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our work with CPXi thus far, and we are excited to partner with them again for future endeavors.


Below is footage from the AppNexus event with CPXi President Jeff Hirsch:


Click to view the Simplixity, powered by AdReady, and Emory Case Study:

Emory In Depth Case Study 1



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