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Display is an advertiser’s market

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Display is an advertiser’s market

When it comes to online display advertising, advertisers rule the market. It’s true, advertisers of all sizes now have a) more options than ever to place display ads and b) competitive offerings from all the providers in the display advertising ecosystem — platforms, networks, exchanges and publishers. But search has always ruled the online ad space — what is going on?

It’s pretty simple: the search market has become heavily saturated, driving costs up and overall effectiveness for the mass market down. Just take a look at keyword prices; the most popular search term of 2009, “Mesothelioma,” went for an expensive $99 per click, and the price is only going up as advertisers race to secure limited search ad space.

AdReady is even hearing from clients that they have unspent search budget because they simply can’t spend everything they would like to.

Display offers a great opportunity to spend that budget and get even better results. And, believe it or not, the most successful display advertisers are spending more on display than search (twice to ten times as much!).

Predicting this market saturation, display providers (platforms to publishers) have been working diligently to make display ads more accessible, affordable, and results-driven than ever. Their offers are sweet; advertisers love the increased placement opportunities (thousands of Web sites vs. a handful of search engine sites) as well as a brand new set of benefits, like branding awareness, rich targeting and visual placement that only display advertising can provide.

So, while search providers are getting rich, while advertisers are getting frustrated, the display market has truly become an advertiser’s market. To help determine the right display partner for your business, be sure to watch the recording of our March 16 Webinar we held in conjunction with Search Engine Strategies To watch the recording, visit “The Display Advertising Ecosystem: The More You Know, The More You’ll Grow.”

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