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Display Advertising for the Rest of Us

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Helping marketers be successful in Display Advertising is akin to being a good teacher. You have to embrace the fact that every client has a different level of needs and skill set. And furthermore, you have to embrace the fact that every marketer’s success comes to a large degree by themselves becoming smarter about display, not just in someone else managing display better for them. In our industry’s quest to use technology to make display more efficient, it’s important that we not leave this customer-centric philosophy by the side of the road.

At AdReady we work with a lot of what we call ‘mid-market’ advertisers. These are advertisers that already know and use display, but have limited internal resources to grow their display ROI and spending without incurring more costs. We have a simple philosophy. Automate with technology as much of the lower-value / high-volume activities – such as creative iteration; reporting and bid guides; campaign setup; and high compute activities like data mining/modeling – while providing service for as many of the high-value activities – client education; initial campaign configuration; optimization recommendations. This results in a constant focus on making display simpler via technology, while making ROI higher via partnership. Our clients value this two-pronged approach.

Ultimately a marketer’s success is determined by how satisfied they are with their return on ad spend (ROAS). Boiled down even further, for a direct-response advertiser, it’s how happy they are with the number of leads (or other valued actions) they are getting for their media spend. By automating as many activities as possible, we ensure more of their media spend gets actually put towards working media dollars. By servicing their accounts with optimization and other high-value activities, we also ensure that more of their media spend gets oriented towards the most efficient inventory sources. And, agencies also are beneficiaries of these tools so they can focus on higher-value services to their clients. In short, our goal is to help the marketer reduce non-working media spend, and improve their working media spend efficiency.

It’s pretty simple.

But it’s hard to maintain this simple outlook when so much is happening in the industry that is making things more complex for marketers of this size. Many of them cannot engage in enterprise-level relationships that bring software, databases or huge teams to manage them. Rather, they are more interested in quick and easy ways to iterate on creative and adjust bids efficiently. This is not to say that these more sophisticated solutions are off-the-mark. Quite the contrary, they are moving this industry forward. It’s just that we need ways to integrate these advanced ‘point’ solutions into more end-to-end solutions that can be easily managed and adopted by the larger mass of mid-market advertisers.

And getting to those solutions requires a commitment to customer satisfaction and service.

For those who remember Seinfeld’s line, ‘Festivus for the rest-of-us,’ at AdReady we think of ‘Display for the rest of us.’

Posted by Matt Carr