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Creative Personalization With AdReady

John DoraisCreative Personalization With AdReady

By: John Dorais, VP Strategic Accounts

As I write this, I have the AdReady platform open to one of our largest accounts, a top ten major US airline. The platform is quietly managing the delivery of a couple hundred highly targeted micro-campaigns, focused on very specific and unique audiences, each with different inventory sources and campaign goals.

Pretty cool, right? Actually…. not so much….not anymore. With RTB, Big Data, First and Third Party DMP integrations, and all that has happened in the digital ad industry in the last 2-3 years, advertisers expect that kind of personalization from everyone in ad tech. So why Simplixity, powered by the AdReady platform? What makes us special?

As I glance back at the AdReady dashboard, the answer is right there. In addition to the couple hundred campaigns, the platform tells me it is managing the delivery of about 100 different and unique creative sets, within those same campaigns. Not one message for women, and one for men, nor one for this age group and another for that…but literally a different creative for every audience specific campaign the data allows us to target.

If you are in market to fly from Seattle to San Francisco, which the data can now tell us that you are, then you get an ad with San Francisco imagery, and the actual airfare. That is Creative Personalization….not a “Fares Starting at $49” message that isn’t relevant to you (or to 95% of the people that see it, for that matter). And this is not dynamic creative retargeting based on some behavior on the site….this is before you ever visit the airline’s site.

Pretty cool, right? Yes. But who can afford to build all these creatives? Did the client give us 100 different ads, at who knows what cost to them?

No. The platform built them…with a few assets, and at little additional cost to the client. That is the key. Affordable creative imagery and messaging iteration, unique to every audience segment you have. Advertisers need to ask what the point of all this programmatic buying and specific audience creation is – that it seems everyone now offers – if your company or your agency can only afford to build a handful of ads that may or may not be relevant to all those audiences you so specifically crafted?

And what happens when your pricing or offer changes? Back to the creative agency…? No, simply change the offer in the platform’s creative editing tool, and save it as a new ad. The AdReady platform built a few THOUSAND creatives for this client last year….over 16,000 individual IAB sizes and formats….and they barely paid a thing beyond the creation of those raw assets.