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Creative of the Month (Sept-09): Yapta’s “Orange Wave”

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Creative of the Month (Sept-09): Yapta’s “Orange Wave”

Every month, we feature a piece of “killer creative.” This month’s display ad is nicknamed “Orange Wave”—and it’s racked up a phenomenal .037% click-through rate, more than double the travel industry standard of .015%.

The ad comes from Yapta, an innovative company that helps travelers get a handle on fluctuating prices so they know when to “buy low.” (“Yapta” stands for “Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant.”)

How does that .037% click-through rate break down? “Orange Wave” hit 3.4M impressions, with over 5700+ clicks delivered.

Yapta’s “Orange Wave” ad was built using AdReady’s library of over 800 customizable templates. This creative shows how AdReady can help you put out a strong, visually attractive ad that reinforces your brand and produces results.

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