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Creative of the Month (Oct-09): DailyCandy’s “NYC Tall”

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Creative of the Month (Oct-09): DailyCandy’s “NYC Tall”

DailyCandy bills itself as the “insider guide to your city,” with carefully curated info on everything that’s “fun, fashionable, food-related, and culturally stimulating in the city you’re fixated on (and all over the Web).”

DailyCandy started using our hands-on AdReady Premium service as a test, just to see what we could do. They set a budget goal for a certain number of customer actions they wanted to achieve in a given month, and then our account team—including a designer and a category expert—went to work.

The result of the design and preliminary optimization process was the ad you see below, “NYC Tall.” This ad performed so well that it blew through its CPA target and monthly response goal in just two days. (Needless to say, everybody was pretty happy with that “test.”)

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