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Creative of the Month (Jan-10): “Swirly Thing Alert”

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Creative of the Month (Jan-10): “Swirly Thing Alert”

This month’s “killer creative” is a weirdly named ad called “Swirly Thing Alert.” Don’t let its’ goofy name fool you, though: it’s logged over ten million impressions, with a CTR of 0.29%, an average CPM of $0.74, and an average CPC of $0.26.

This ad is just one example from our collection of over 800 high-performing templates. Check out “Swirly Thing Alert” (and other proven ads) in the AdReady library. For more hands-on help with your creative, check out AdReady Premium.

Posted by Jonah-Kai Hancock on Jan 07, 2010   |   Tweet This |   Email This