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Creative of the Month (Aug-09): “Car Insurance”

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Creative of the Month (Aug-09): “Car Insurance”

The winning ad template for this month is Car Insurance.

It must be a sign from our inaugural Creative of the Month, “Car Slide.” This template generated over a 900% ROI in the last 7-days for the client, completely crushing the competition. Another interesting note is that 75% of the impressions came again from the Gif version with a click through-rate greater than 0.30%, whereas the Flash version had a click-through rate less than 0.10%. That is over 300% better for the static Gif image. It is a great example as to why you need to be running as many formats and sizes as possible. AdReady’s customization tool makes both a Flash and a Gif version and 7 different dimensions of every ad. That’s 14 ads from each of our 800 templates for $0. Visit our DIY service, or check out our Premium service, and get started today.

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