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CPXi Officially Certified Under IAB QAG 2.0

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced via a press release today that CPXi and 28 other companies are officially certified under the IAB Quality Assurance Guidlines (QAG) 2.0. These revised guidelines, released in July 2013, are part of the industry’s efforts to increase brand safety and transparency in the digital ad landscape.

Mike Zaneis, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, IAB, explains the value of companies becoming a QAG 2.0 compliant in the press release:

“These companies are proving themselves to be critical leaders when it comes to brand safety and fighting copyright infringement…The more interactive advertising businesses that are certified under the QAG 2.0 program, the closer the industry gets to establishing the kind of high-quality, transparent and trustworthy marketplace that will drive greater brand dollars to digital.” 

CPXi is proud to be a QAG 2.0 compliant, follow CPXi on Twitter to stay up to date on industry news. To learn more about the  IAB’s Quality Assurance Guidelines program, see