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Almost $100 per click?!

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Almost $100 per click?!

MediaPost recently reported that search advertisers running ads on the keyword “mesothelioma” just got a shock to the pocketbook. The going rate? $99.44 per click! That makes “mesothelioma” the most expensive keyword in search marketing history.

These high stakes will inevitably price some search advertisers out of the market—but that could actually be good news for them.

Search has become a standalone strategy for many advertisers, because it’s easy and it works well. But advertisers have long been warned against putting all their eggs in one basket, with any single approach or channel, because having a well-rounded program—for example, with e-mail, social media, search, and display marketing—will necessarily reach a bigger customer audience.

It’s ironic, because display advertising used to be the exclusive playground of bigger advertisers. But as technology advances (such as the AdReady platform) have eliminated much of the cost and complexity of display advertising, the situation has been turned on its head: the price of all those desirable keywords is giving smaller advertisers less and less return on their search-advertising spend, and search has turned into a competitive battleground for advertisers with big budgets.

We’re in the middle of this shift (with 1.5 million advertisers still using search and less than 50,000 using display), which makes it a great time for smaller advertisers to exploit the overlooked benefits of display. With so few advertisers currently using banners, marketers won’t encounter the same level of competition they face on search engine sites, as display ads have a nearly endless number of placement options. Banner ads also give retailers the unique ability to add logos, images, and other branding features not available in search, which are proven to drive brand recall and future purchases.

To mix up your marketing program and find some strong alternatives to search, check out Cory Treffiletti’s (MediaPost) story The Nine Most Overlooked Elements of Digital Marketing.

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