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Agency Pain-points We Hear Most: Volume 1

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Agency Pain-points We Hear Most: Volume 1

On a day-to-day basis, our team deals with many different agencies, from small to large, we got ’em all. In these relationships, we become privy to the biggest issues agencies face (or their top complaints) in terms of online display advertising. And, while we always prefer to hear positives, these pain-points have been what spur us to develop new solutions and continually improve our platform to satisfy the needs of all our customers.

Issue #1: True precision campaigns are too expensive…

In the past, this was very true. However, thanks to technological advances, agencies can now offer their clients true precision campaigning – that is, hitting the right person at the right time with the right message – at affordable prices, while still looking out for the agency’s bottom line. Because it has long been prohibitive for agencies to offer their clients precision campaigns due to high cost, many companies have yet to add display into their overall marketing mix. New centralized technology platforms, such as AdReady for Agencies, offer agencies the ability to serve all clients, from large companies needing to efficiently reach micro-targeted segments, to mid- sized companies with complex and demanding requirements.

Issue #2: …okay…but creative is too expensive!

This was also true in the past. But again, no longer. Technology platforms allow agencies to easily and quickly create template libraries and upload a client’s custom creative. And what would have cost an arm and a leg in the past, such as creating multiple versions of the same ad or varied ad copies, can now be done at minimal cost. And what if a client doesn’t have any creative? No problem, agencies can also easily tailor customizable templates from a library available via ad technology platforms.

Issue #3: …but what about our smaller clients, no way is it affordable to service them…

Speaking of customizable templates, small clients typically come to the table with little or no existing creative. These template libraries can be an agency’s best friend in those cases. A few clicks through the library, some design selection and VOILA, you’ve got an ad. Technology platforms also allow agencies to test and run multiple iterations of ads for smaller clients – something that would have been cost-prohibitive in the past.

Issue #4: …it’s just too expensive to hit top tier sites…

Yes, it can be. But platforms like AdReady for Agencies provide access to all major exchanges and publishers in a nicely wrapped package. This allows agencies to leverage smaller spend minimums (once again, serving small to large clients) while keeping a consistent presence on key sites using AdBrite, Google Content Network, Pandora, Rubicon, Yahoo! Network, etc.

Issue #5: This is all great, but my clients seem to only care about metrics…

We realize, as much as anyone, that agencies MUST show value to their clients. Metrics are the key to proving the success or failure of any campaign, and we have worked tirelessly to be able to provide the most accurate and rich metrics possible. We help agencies prove their value by providing display metrics such as CPM and CTR… all in real time. For example, one agency client was able to report remarkable ad performance across their clients’ retargeting campaigns, to the tune of an average CTR of .80 percent. One of that agency’s clients even saw an ROI nearing 700 percent. Now that’s something to write home about, and an essential tool for agencies when dealing directly with their clients.

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