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Affiliate Summit East 2015

Affiliate Summit East 2015 (ASE) took place August 2-4, 2015 at the New York Marriott Marquis in New York, NY. The conference was a chance for affiliates, merchants and vendors to network and gain insight into the industry’s latest trends.

ASE is always one of the most anticipated events of the year – and this year was no exception. See what our Account Managers, Affiliate Managers and more had to say about the conference.


e21a151814281ee95eb9189e26a85f3cJack Rokicki, Account Manager for Native Addiction

ASE was my first experience in the affiliate world. I recently moved from bRealTime to our native division, Native Addiction.

 Some things that surprised me were the sheer number of companies at the Summit and the variety of offerings/objectives represented.


Jack with Matthew Lesko

The affiliate world is rooted in performance marketing, so there is an emphasis on driving direct sales and leads for products or services. Performance is a more difficult nut to crack than branded marketing initiatives, where value is based primarily on the viewer, duration/frequency of exposure, quality of demographic, etc.

The affiliate world reflects more traditional marketing in the sales-based objectives. Affiliate networks essentially expand the reach of an ‘offer’, creating more chances to drive a click, lead, subscription, or sale for the advertiser.

That said, there were a LOT of different companies present: native networks, affiliate networks, performance brands, major credit card companies, traditional ad networks, and more. I got some great leads and had a good learning experience, but my favorite moment was definitely meeting infomercial legend Matthew Lesko – a.k.a. the guy with question marks all over his suits. 

afc37f6732ead5c24f032d4e5cf088f1Jonathan Rykman, Director of Business Development for AdReady 

Affiliate Summit East 2015 was a great show.  It seemed to be a much bigger turn out this year compared to the last few years.  We are excited about all the new opportunities that we brought back from the show.

61788ee20532dc2fc2322aed8e9866c7Chris Carnacchio, VP Media Buying and Optimization for AdReady

The meet market and sponsored event Monday night were both huge successes for Affiture and AdReady. The team was able to meet with both old and new clients at the show which allowed us to grow relationships with clients and close new deals. Affiliate Summit has always been one of the most successful shows for our team and that statement continues to stay true with Affiliate Summit East 2015.

c36e81a24fdeabfb49e916cff7d852a0Brian Fernandez, Account Executive for AdReady

ASE 2015 turned out to be a great show. It was great putting faces to names, as it always helps build partnerships. We had a ton of traffic at our meet market table and were all able to generate new leads while closing deals on the floor. I look forward to working with everyone I met at the show and events throughout. 

c3104fb827e70456c6d3a4ae332816ec Ariel Copeland, Affiliate Manager for Affiture

Affiliate Summit East was a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet with several of my current affiliates and grow relationships with new affiliates. I look forward to the many opportunities that came from the conference.

f0562b56260298cdfd97c120d5ce10dd Anthony Coleman, Director of Media Buying & Optimization for AdReady

I’ve been working in the industry for a while now and attended several conferences over the last few years, but ASE was definitely the most successful personally and professionally.

1d9df0b0ebed0f3e96155d79916c72cdJohn Sluty, Account Manager for AdReady 

ASE was a huge success again this year. It was great to meet with current clients as well as new clients that I’ve never met in person. The meet market table went really well, and there should be some great business opportunities coming in for the Adready/Affiture team.

All in all, the AdReady team is enthusiastic about the outcome of ASE. We look forward to attending this affiliate event next year! In the mean time, you can stay up-to-date with AdReady and the events it’s attending by visiting the division’s website or following it on Twitter.