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AdReady Touts Software Bent on “Democratizing Display”

ADOTAS – AdReady, a company that uses “non-intuitive” strategies to help smaller-budget advertisers and marketers compete with more financially-endowed brands for successful online display ad campaigns, stepped out of the woodwork today after spending the past several months testing its technology with a select group of companies.

As AdReady senior vice president Randy Wootton put it in a phone conversation this afternoon, the company was “founded under the principle of democratizing display,” with the aim of helping small and mid-market companies go beyond search advertising and venture into display, which otherwise could be prohibitive because of the cost and the number of distribution channels to negotiate — and because to a lot of advertisers, low click-through rates around the web as a whole make display advertising appear less than desirable. With search, Wootton said, “You can go in and buy a few keywords,” he said, but display is “crazy hard” by comparison. “There’s a structural problem… that disadvantages the smaller advertisers,” Wootton said. “How do you take a massive amount of Big Data and find enough signals?” That’s not to mention the sheer cost of creative, which he called the “most prohibitive” element. AdReady chose to offer clients “template-based creative solutions,” and then to provide automated media planning to send the ads out onto the exchanges and to users in the markets and demographics those advertisers are trying to reach.

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