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AdReady Tip of the Month (Oct-09): Keep trying to beat a “control” ad

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AdReady Tip of the Month (Oct-09): Keep trying to beat a “control” ad

How do you really ratchet up optimization on a display campaign? One great way is to design at least three to four different creative themes when you start a campaign. Then, after about two weeks or so, you figure out which one drives the highest conversion rate (i.e., the lowest CPA). Next, you want to freeze the design of that ad and make it your “control” ad.

Now, you experiment. Using your top-performing ad as the “control,” you create another three to four variations on that ad and try to beat its performance. You can track performance even more effectively with “tractions”—short for action tracking—a feature on the AdReady platform that we’ve set up to help better quantify user behavior on your site. (AdReady customers can log in to the site to learn more about tractions.)

We’ve found that if you devote the majority of your spend to trying to beat that “control” ad, you can put optimization on the fast track and rack up increasingly impressive stats.

Posted by Justin Baker on Oct 07, 2009   |   Tweet This |   Email This