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AdReady Tip of the Month (Nov-09): Test on multiple publishers

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AdReady Tip of the Month (Nov-09): Test on multiple publishers

If you’re doing search marketing, it’s easy to spend all your money in one place: Google. With display advertising, no single network or publisher site reaches everyone on the Internet, so you need to place ads across multiple locations to get the best coverage.

The process doesn’t stop there, though: even when you’ve got successful ads running in specific locations, you need to keep testing them, since it’s possible to “burn out” a finite audience with a single campaign and lose traction. At that point, you can switch messages, and even migrate the successful campaign to a new site or sites.

The AdReady tool makes it easy to choose different publishers and demographic targets for your ads, and our combined network can help you reach over 90% of Internet users. If you’re using AdReady Premium, you can get your ads onto almost any top publisher, including ESPN, MSNBC, Google, Yahoo!, and thousands of others.

Want to learn more? Contact our sales team at: [email protected].

Posted by Justin Baker on Nov 10, 2009   |   Tweet This |   Email This