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AdReady Tip of the Month (Apr-10): Effective Calls to Action (CTA)

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AdReady Tip of the Month (Apr-10): Effective Calls to Action (CTA)

Any time you are creating a campaign, make sure your ads have a call to action that relates to your product and link your ad directly to the page where an action takes place. For example, if you want someone to download a coupon, test out calls to action such as:

  • Session Title: Get Coupons Now
  • Download Coupon and Save
  • Save Now

If you have text in your ad—like a headline or a tagline—that needs to be more prominent but the image is getting in the way, the ‘Hide Image’ button can help. This lets you hide images so that you change the size of your text without running into the image. The button can be used for both the “logo” and “image” areas, giving you more flexibility where you want the logo or text to go. For example, you could hide the stationary logo image that appears in the same spot in each frame, but then place the logo on an image frame that may appear in just one frame of the flash ad.

Your ad should then link right to the page where the person completes the action so that there is a greater likelihood that a user will complete the action before leaving the website.

Once tested you can take these learnings and apply them to your ads going forward to ensure the best response possible.

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