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AdReady Scores Big With Fantasy Football Campaigns


By: Sophie Voorhees, Product Marketing Manager at CPXi

Fantasy sports participation has exploded in recent years, and according to reports from the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), nearly 57 million people in the US and Canada will participate in a fantasy sports league this year, up from a mere one million participants in the early 1990s. Fantasy sports has grown into a $26 billion industry, with the average user spending $465 per year on all sports.


Even if you aren’t participating in a season-long league or betting on daily games, you’ve probably heard the hype about fantasy sports contests. Recently, it seems like you can’t turn your TV on without seeing a DraftKings or FanDuel commercial, and that’s because these fantasy sports startups are funneling massive amounts of money into their TV ad strategies. CNN reported on DraftKings’ and FanDuel’s ad spending in a recent article, summarized in the charts below. The two companies combined spent $205.9 million on national TV commercials airing between January 1 and October 5.



Source: CNN


While fantasy sports TV ad strategies have been widely covered by industry analysts in recent weeks, their digital ad strategies have seen less coverage. So, what are these companies doing in terms of display, mobile and search advertising to acquire new customers?


The AdReady Performance team has worked with several fantasy sports advertisers, one of which was captured in a recent case study.


The Challenge:

A leading fantasy sports advertiser enlisted the AdReady Performance team to drive signups and account deposits around daily and weekly fantasy sports contests. They needed to attract customers in a crowded online marketplace, meeting short deadlines for game day events.


The Approach:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.55.36 AMThe AdReady team first used Search Keyword Targeting, optimizing toward terms and phrases that delivered the best results; for instance, “fantasy football” and “NFL lineup.” They then used the highest performing search words and phrases to execute contextual targeting for the client’s display ads.


The team alternated between lead-based (CPL) and acquisition-based (CPA) optimization methods. This strategy delivered maximum ROI for the client by focusing on driving account deposits (CPA) on game days and new user signups (CPL) on off days.


The Results:

Over the first 5 weeks of the digital campaign, spanning from NFL preseason to the fourth week of the regular season, AdReady delivered the client over 3,200 conversions, increasing both signups and account deposits. The client has enlisted AdReady to run campaigns throughout the rest of the NFL season, and to promote contests across their other sports leagues.

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