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AdReady Releases Programmatic Direct Primer, Preparing Advertisers to Better Leverage This $8.4 Billion Market

Report Provides Advertisers of All Sizes With a Practical, Easy-to-Apply Guide for Combining the Efficiency of Automation with the Quality of Direct Deals

programmatic_direct_blog_imageNEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – March 25, 2015) Digital media holding company CPXi today announced the availability of a primer from their AdReady division entitled, “Programmatic Direct: A Six-Step Guide to Efficiency Through Automation.” The paper makes widely available the company’s proven vision as advertisers across verticals seek to capitalize on this rapidly growing market, which is projected to reach $8.4 billion in 2016.

“Programmatic is steadily becoming the norm for digital advertisers,” says Johanna Pesso, VP of Product at CPXi, responsible for product development and messaging for all CPXi divisions, including AdReady. “The market is becoming comfortable with real-time bidding technology, and both advertisers and publishers are now looking for new ways to leverage automation to negotiate deals for more premium inventory. As a leader in programmatic campaign execution, AdReady provides clients with the technology and services needed to drive scalable results from these programmatic direct strategies.”

By 2016, eMarketer predicts that programmatic will lead the display advertising industry with 63 percent of all digital ad spend (over $20 billion). Programmatic direct, also known as automated guaranteed, will account for 42 percent of programmatic spend. Technology is catching up to the increased demand for advertiser control and transparency. Adoption has to extend beyond the large brand marketers who are early movers in Programmatic Direct for this exponential growth to be achieved.

“Programmatic direct opportunities are definitely not reserved for large brand advertisers with huge budgets,” said Jeff Hirsch, president of CPXi. “By applying lessons learned first in an RTB environment, marketers of all sizes can leverage the ROI benefits of programmatic direct relationships with significantly lower barriers to entry.”

The AdReady Programmatic Direct primer offers a comprehensive guide for advertisers looking to minimize the barriers to entry, covering topics such as choosing the right vendor, leveraging programmatic creative for low-cost ad production, testing via RTB and tracking results appropriately.

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