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AdReady Makes Persuasive Play for Political Pixels

April 11, 2012 – Seattle, WA.

Online advertising platform leader AdReady is making a major push in the political advertising world and aggressively stating its case as a superior substitute for direct mail. The company believes its intuitive and easy-to-use turnkey platform will be attractive to regional political campaigns that lack some of the online advertising expertise of the national presidential efforts. The latter is on the leading edge of the digital ad trend as earlier this year, the Obama in 2012 Campaign invested almost half of its marketing dollars in online advertising.

Almost $300 million dollars will be spent on direct mail in the 2012 political season though over 40% of direct mail pieces are immediately thrown out as junk mail according to direct mail industry reports. Significantly, it takes weeks to craft and rollout direct mail, which can seem like an eternity in the closing weeks of competitive, hectic, campaigns. Political consultants have historically relied on direct mail because, in some election years, over half of actual voters are over the age of 50. However, according to Pew Research, 74% of people age 50-64 now use the internet, and some 41% over the age of 65 are digitally savvy as well.

AdReady is priming the political pump with a variety of marketing tactics including local market seminars, dedicated sales outreach as well as public relations.  A recent luncheon seminar in Seattle attracted almost forty members of the Washington State political community who came away
impressed with both the fast pace of the digital advance and the power of the AdReady platform. According to company CMO, Randy Wootton: “The
numbers are on our side on the direct mail debate as over 40% of media is now consumed online and businesses are investing almost three out of every ten
dollars in digital media, while political campaigns are still seeing only a 1% share investment in online advertising. Many regional campaigns are still overly reliant on direct mail which costs as much as 100X more than an online impression with similar response rates.”

Online advertising is invaluable for both fund raising and vote gathering. The average $100K+ household now spends a third more time online
than watching television, and 98% of households with an income of at least $75K are on the internet. New online advertising features such as micro-targeting
and re-targeting provide both a cost effective way to optimize message according to sector and web experience, and to enhance frequency rates.

Use of online advertising in the political world will increase 600% in 2012 versus two years ago but its still a drop in the political ad bucket which will see an estimated $9.8 billion overall ad spend this year. As an easy-to-use, turnkey system that encompasses ad creation, audience profiling and measurement, AdReady believes it is well suited to be the “Pied Piper” to the politicos. According to Wootton: “Over half of political races are decided by 4% or less and we believe many times, smart use of online technology can be a make or break proposition.”  

About AdReady

is the leading turnkey platform for online advertising. Its powerful software encompasses all the latest advantages of digital media including precise micro-targeting, re-targeting, cost-effective ad-exchanges, real time measurement and message optimization. AdReady simplifies the process with an intuitive start-to-finish solution that helps you optimize your media spend to achieve measurable results and enable all political causes and campaigns to enjoy the same level of sophistication as presidential campaigns. AdReady is backed by Madrona Venture Capital which also backed Amazon and Razorfish.