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AdReady Partner Summit Day 1

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AdReady Partner Summit Day 1

If I had to pick one word to sum up yesterday, day one of our Partner Summit, it would be: rewarding. It was so great to finally share AdReady Version 3 with our customers and partners — something we’ve poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into creating. The packed conference room was also buzzing with discussions that will ultimately lead to the next update of our product.

We kicked off the event with excellent speeches from keynote Clark Kokich (Razorfish) and featured speaker Omar Tawakol (BlueKai). From their talks, an unexpected theme emerged: everything we think we know is already out of date. Of course, as a company launching a brand new platform, that’s not the first thing you want to hear. But we couldn’t agree more. And that’s why, at AdReady, we are already looking at our next innovations and planning upcoming features that our customers need. After all, that’s what the Partner Summit is all about; it’s to help us stay tuned in to our customers’ painpoints and gain insights from visionaries like Clark and Omar.

Here’s a bit of what we learned…

Clark warned that there are no answers yet when it comes to display advertising — everything changes every few months and no one within the industry truly knows what it means. And, unfortunately, there is no single place to turn for answers. Everyone is learning together and on the fly. The display industry is still ripe with opportunity.

We also did a bit of learning from history, as any good company should, thanks to Omar for that…

Omar said: markets evolve to reward value. This is true for the display ad industry in a big way. When display ads first emerged, you had to have a huge budget and virutally unlimited resources to become a player. Today, through platforms like AdReady, anyone can participate. Any business can be a display ad player. Just like the Chicago Mercantile evolved from the Chicago Butter & Egg Board or the NYSE emerged from the Buttonwood agreement of 24 investors, today’s display ad market has evolved from what used to be an exclusive and complex marketing option to a viable and effective “every day” advertising strategy for any organization. And that’s all because advertisers have demanded that.

Next up for the Partner Summit is a deep dive into leveraging the latest and greatest features of Version 3.

Thanks to all of the attendees and AdReady employees for making yesterday great!

Karl Siebrecht

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