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AdReady Partner Summit Comes at a Perfect Time

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In an earlier post, “New Funding, Better Technology and ROI-centric Solutions” , we talked about the incredible impact cash and technology advancements are having on the display market. As we prepare to hold our first ever partner conference, we keep running into even more encouraging facts about the display market, proving display is not a blip on the radar anymore, but a REALLY big deal.

Taking a look at the online advertising space as a whole, we know growth and maturation in this space is not stopping. AdWeek just reported that spend continues to outpace overall advertising and is expected to grow 14% next year to nearly $52B.

Specifically, though, display is the hidden gem. Experts from Rubicon Project estimate digital ad spending grew 47% in the first half of 2010 (not including search), beating analyst predictions. And this is all despite the slower than expected rebound of the economy.

This growth means a bunch of things, like:

a) Display is consistently shelling out fruitful results. During times of tight budgets, advertisers choose to invest their ad dollars where they will be returned and then some.

b) Display is giving businesses a solid alternative when they are priced out of search. Not able to pay the high costs of search ads in competitive markets, advertisers are finding a sanctuary in display.

c) Consumers are engaging with display ads more. Maybe they are less fearful or advertisers are getting savvier, but consumers are proving they will click if the message, timing and offer is right.

Can’t wait to explore these topics and many more at our event. Partners and customers can register online now at


Posted by Jonah-Kai Hancock on Sep 10, 2010