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AdReady – Making Mobile As Easy As Display

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AdReady’s display advertising solutions have always made it extremely easy for countless advertisers to maximize the return for their online advertising dollar. With the large uptick in mobile-specific websites and experiences, as well as the sheer growth of smart-phone and tablet usage, the need to extend AdReady’s solutions to make mobile advertising just as easy is stronger than ever.

Our goal setting out was to make creating, running and analyzing mobile campaigns as seamless and easy as display campaigns – we wouldn’t settle for anything less. This includes all of the amazing pieces AdReady brings to the table:

  • Optimizing AdReady’s creative tool for mobile ad sizes – as of today you can now design mobile ads, complete with your own images, logo, and text, in a matter of minutes. And update them as frequently and often as you’d like, at no cost to you.
  • Wide variety of targeting options so you can find your audience: operating systems, geography, contextual keywords, and variety of advertising channels.
  • Optimization suggestions – let AdReady’s backend intelligence work for you in getting your campaigns up and working immediately without long test periods, at any budget level – as well as ongoing suggestions for improving the success of your campaign. You get the best of both worlds – strong technology and big data solutions making programmatic optimization suggestions, as well as experienced Account Managers available to help guide your strategy.
  • Premium and Non-Premium Inventory – AdReady has programmatic access into a variety of networks, exchanges, and premium publishers – meaning you can target an ever-growing portion of the mobile web with your campaigns.
  • Single report – with as many details as you need to analyze, optimize, and understand both your mobile and web campaigns in one experience.

We are super excited to roll out our new mobile support today.  And this is just a start – there’s a lot more to come!

If you’d like to get started using AdReady’s mobile or desktop solutions, please contact us (or your Account Manager) today to find out more.