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AdReady Enhances Suite of Services to Streamline Online Display Advertising

AdReady’s expanded platform makes the scalable display advertising channel as easy, effective and accessible as search advertising

Seattle, WAAdReady™, a market leader for simple, cost-effective online display advertising solutions, today announced AdReady® for Advertisers Premium, AdReady for Agencies, and AdReady for Publishers, a powerful new suite of services that enable organizations to easily and efficiently buy and/or sell online display advertising. The new services, available at, are designed to drive down marketing costs for customers by making display advertising function more like search advertising. Organizations are thereby empowered to pinpoint a greater number of target customers, driving website traffic and sales.

"We wanted to turn up the dial on our marketing program with high-impact display ads that could drive high quality leads—similar to the results of our Google AdWords and search engine pay-per-click programs," said Dru Jacobs, Director of Demand Generation for Rally Software, an AdReady for Advertisers Premium "AdReady showed us that banner ads could indeed be easily, quickly and affordably integrated into our marketing program. In three months, we increased our lead flow at a cost that was in line with our search marketing efforts."

AdReady’s awarding-winning Do-it-Yourself three-step display advertising solution helps businesses easily design, launch and measure banner ad campaigns across Google, Yahoo!, and other publishers and networks that reach over 90 percent of Web users. Leveraging this innovative approach to building display ads, AdReady is offering three new compelling services:

AdReady for Advertisers Premium
This Premium edition enables customers to target specific placements and sites, demographics, zip codes, day parting, behavioral segments, and more across the Web’s largest publishers from a single platform. Coupled with AdReady’s comprehensive account management capabilities, this service delivers unmatched display campaign efficiency.

AdReady for Agencies
With this fully branded, easy to use display advertising platform, agencies can create, manage and optimize online display campaigns for clients with a wider range of budgets, significantly broadening their base of customers. Branding the solution as their own, agencies can keep tight relationships with customers throughout the campaign lifecycle.

AdReady for Publishers
AdReady makes it easy for premium publishers and networks to monetize their traffic. Used by organizations such as MSNBC, The New York Times and Reader’s Digest, the fully automated AdReady for Publishers technology platform helps sales representatives drive incremental revenue by more efficiently selling inventory to a broader set of advertisers.

"Many businesses view display advertising as a luxury, only available to large organizations with endless budgets and time," said Aaron Finn, CEO and co-founder of AdReady. "We have designed our new suite of solutions to make display ad placement effective for any size business and easy enough for a novice to tackle in a single afternoon. We’re excited to extend our suite of solutions to larger advertisers, agencies and media owners during a period of time when marketing budgets are lean and dollars spent cannot be wasted."

AdReady helps organizations create dynamic display ads quickly and within a wide range of budgets. Advertisers and agencies can tap into very large publishers that are typically off-limits to smaller organizations due to ad minimums, greatly enhancing their campaign reach and effectiveness. With optimization tools and reports, businesses can save time and money by fine-tuning campaigns in real-time, a benefit not available through other static efforts. Media owners not only drive greater competition for their inventory by offering cost effective rates but also improve the relevancy of ads for their audience. AdReady’s solutions are proven to save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, lower the cost of marketing spend and deliver better results.

"The powerful advertising platform offered by AdReady seems like it was built specifically for our advertising needs," said Dave Lefkow, Co-Founder of J&D’s Foods, the makers of Bacon Salt and Baconnaise. "By taking advantage of AdReady’s much lower cost of creative, CPM rates and ultimately lower cost per sale, we have quickly and cost-effectively increased product sales and raised awareness for our brand. It’s surprisingly easy to save money on online advertising with AdReady."

AdReady aims to bring the more than one million search advertisers into the display advertising market, which had less than 50,000 advertisers in 2008. To find out more about AdReady’s new suite of solutions powering this aggressive market growth, visit

About AdReady
Seattle-based AdReady is an innovative advertising technology company making online display advertising as accessible and effective as search advertising. The company’s unique approach helps businesses of all sizes build effective online display campaigns based on proven creative and media plans, dramatically increasing an advertiser’s return-on-marketing. AdReady’s patent-pending solutions are ideal for advertisers, agencies and publishers. To learn how to build an effective online display campaign for your business, please visit

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