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Display Advertising: A Fond Look Back at 2010

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2010 was a pivotal year for AdReady. Karl Siebrecht, who was appointed CEO in late 2009, continued implementing the plans and direction that led to AdReady’s greatest milestone yet: AdReady Version 3. The company welcomed more top talent to its board — Brian McAndrews and Steve Singh — while steadily growing its market share along the way. We also saw some key trends happening across the DSP marketplace that have become key to AdReady’s strategy in 2011:

Advertisers Want In (and don’t ever want to leave…)
The display market, once predicted to wither and die, has hit its stride thanks to display offerings that provide reliable results and guided help. No longer plagued by high budget spend minimums, complicated processes and poor results, display has become one of the most recommended marketing tools for businesses. B2C Marketing Insider recently called display “a must” for advertisers. With all the new advertisers joining in the market, eMarketer predicts the space to reach almost $16 billion in 2014. TechCrunch even confirmed that DSPs are a key party responsible for revitalizing this space (Why, thank you. Don’t mind if we do!).

Travel, Retail and Education Doing More with Constrained Budgets Unlike display offerings of the past, today’s new DSP-powered solutions are allowing businesses to do more with less budget. Some of the vertical markets seeing particular savings and advantages include travel, education and retail. Not only have DSPs provided cost-effective creative options for these businesses (which have seen some tough times over the past couple years), but they have enabled advertisers to run all the micro-targeted campaigns they could ever want. In fact, etail recently named display ads the ‘new black’ in retail advertising.

Agencies of All Sizes Want Display to Be Easier and More Profitable
Whether an agency makes $1M or $100M a year, they face the same sticking points when it comes to profitably serving smaller businesses or campaigns. It’s true, large agencies don’t have an advantage when it comes to working with smaller budgets. We can vouch for this; agencies big and small have come to AdReady for help. With AdReady, agencies can help their large clients more efficiently reach micro-targeted segments while also meeting the complex and demanding requirements of smaller clients. This new capability is opening up new revenue opportunities, keeping clients happy and streamlining internal operations.

In 2011, we look forward to working with the growing number of advertisers trying display for the first time. We’re particularly excited to work with those businesses in travel, retail and education that are notorious for setting ambitious goals with increasingly less budget. And, we certainly look forward to helping our agency partners grow their business and stay competitive by meeting the latest market requirements. Keep your eye out for our next blog entry where we’ll detail some more specific predictions for these markets in 2011.

Posted by Jonah-Kai Hancock on Jan 05, 2011