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2014 Will Be The Year Of Programmatic Creative

Jeff Hirsch, CPXi Chief Marketing Officer, recently wrote a feature for Adotas titled, “2014 Will Be The Year Of Programmatic Creative”:

2014 will be the year of programmatic. No tough prediction there. Let me go further: I believe that 2014 will be the year of programmatic creative. Google it, you will find me talking about it.

Programmatic media buying is just part of the equation. It’s a great start. We now need the means to allow creative to stay in step. That won’t be the last piece of the puzzle by the way. We also need programmatic analytics, measurement and more. For 2014, its Programmatic Creative.

Let’s be clear. Programmatic creative is NOT dynamic display. Dynamic display allows real time message modifications based on data signals. Programmatic creative is a much more measured and controlled means to create and iterate messaging in real time, which gives brands and publishers control over what is said and what is run. For my clients, programmatic creative means taking advantage of programmatic media by driving ticket sales, more fans, more customers, and in turn, more sales.

We’ve put so much effort into getting the right ad to the right consumer at the right time, this year we’ll need to start working on the creative so that the ad can be as effective as possible. This includes building ads that are optimized for new formats beyond your standard leaderboard, medium rectangle and in-banner video ads. What about billboards, filmstrips, skyscrapers and pushdown ads, for instance? Now marketers are able to create ads in a variety of sizes at the moment that it is needed.

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